André Barros


André Barros is an award winning of the Best Score Prize at the Los Angeles (2015) for his work in Linda Palmer’s short-film “Our Father”. André was born on the 26th October of 1984, in the city of Marinha Grande, Portugal. Educated in Law and with no musical background, on what refers to education on musical theory or musical interpretation, by the Summer of 2006 he begins a journey which gives him today his first musical results, with which he intends to contribute to a solid career in the art of musical performance and composition.

​Initially influenced by the terrific work by the well-known composer and multi-instrumentist Yann Tiersen, André began to explore this world of minimalistic and classical-contemporary music in which he soon came across with so many other artists, who he so much admires today, as well as distinct musical approaches, compelling him to try it by himself, sitting by the piano for the first time and creating his first music by the age of 22.

​By the summer of 2010 he decides to apply for the degree in musical production held on ETIC (Technical School of Image and Communication), Lisbon, which gives him, two years later, the necessary tools to be able to produce his own musics. In order to consolidate his gathered skills, André had the privilege of carrying out a three-month internship in Sundlaugin, Álafoss, Iceland, filling the position of assistant to sound engineer. He then had the privilege of coming across with inumerous talented musicians and producers who allowed him to open up new horizons and somehow deepen his both technical and creativity skills.

In 2016 he released his third album “In Between” – an album with a very cinematic and melodic approach, recorded in Iceland, where André explores the song format with the help of the sweet voice of Myrra Rós.


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