André Barros

untitled2André Barros has a new album just out – “Reasons”, recorded with the Icelandic singer-songwriter Myrra Rós. Born in 1984 in the provincial town of Marinha Grande, André is a musician and composer who followed a unique path to music: he originally studied Law and had no musical background. Initially influenced by the terrific work from French composer Yann Tiersen, he began exploring the world of classical-contemporary, sitting at the piano for the first time and writing his first musical work at 22.

André followed his degree in production and engineering with a three-month internship at Sigur Rós’ Icelandic studios Sundlaugin as an assistant engineer. His unique musical identity is created through the combination of piano and string quartet. With three albums out already, André is also experimenting with film scoring, having already won an award at the LA Independent Film Festival for the short film “Our Father”, and has been nominated for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards.

“Reasons”, an album which extends his previous collaboration with Icelandic singer-songwriter Myrra Rós, is the basis of his new stage concert.



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