Beatriz Nunes

Beatriz Nunes (…) is naturally endearing and adds a new quality to the jazz idiom. Every festival/venue programming her group will have a highly original, audience-captivating act with her., All About Jazz

The svelte, lush sound of (…) Beatriz Nunes, Jazzwise Magazine


New album out now: Beatriz Nunes was the featured singer at the European Jazz Network’s On The Edge conference in Lisbon; All About Jazz reviewer Henning Bolte described her as “a highly original, audience-captivating act” with the “guts and capacity to carry it to audiences outside the Iberian Peninsula”.

More about Beatriz Nunes

Beatriz Nunes’ first album is called Canto Primeiro – First Song – but it’s not exactly true. Her career so far is proof of her studies, of her commitment, of her constant work, of her intense experiences. From studying in the Lisbon Conservatory to going on world tours with Madredeus to teaching in art and jazz schools, from the erudition of bel canto to the pleasures of pop and jazz, Beatriz Nunes has packed quite a career in her young 30 years. She has studied vocal technique with Kim Nazarian and composition with Lauren Kinhan and Peter Eldridge at the Berklee College of Music, she has attended circle singing workshops from Omega Institute professor Rizumik, and she is currently taking her Masters in Music Teaching at the Lisbon University of Music.

This impressive curriculum is why Beatriz was selected by a jury connected to the European Jazz Network, to perform at the On The Edge conference that took place in Portugal next September – and why she was the featured singer at the conference.

Despite this wealth of experience, Canto Primeiro is her debut album, an ambitious recording where she is simultaneously singer, composer and producer; the doyen of Portuguese jazz critics Rui Eduardo Paes wrote in that Beatriz “could not have had a better start for her recording career”.

Accompanied by the trio of pianist Luís Barrigas, bassist Mário Franco and drummer Jorge Moniz, Canto Primeiro is an intimate record showing the amazing range of Beatriz Nunes’ voice, where she searches for new ways and new paths to develop, her technique coming across in her own compositions as much as in a little treasure from the legendary Portuguese singer-songwriter José Afonso. A choice of repertoire that explains very well where Beatriz wants to place herself in the continuum of great Portuguese voices.


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