Francisco Sales

5_net“When you’re far away, trying to enjoy new foods, trying to learn new languages, meeting people whose culture is so different from your own… Travelling, when you’re “miles away”, not just physically but above all mentally.”

This is what “Miles Away” means for its creator, Francisco Sales, one of the finest young Portuguese guitarists. “Miles Away” is his second album: an intimate, captivating, enveloping journey through sound, inviting you to experience peace, emotion, discoveries.

Francisco graduated in Jazz from Lisbon’s Conservatory of Music, and his trademark is the virtuoso pedal work that bends and shapes acoustic or electric guitars into beautifully detailed soundscapes inspired by his trips throughout the world.

A London resident since 2013, Francisco was fortunate enough to meet a veteran musician that became a patron and supporter: Jean-Paul Maunick, aka Bluey, leader of the legendary acid/modern-jazz band Incognito. Bluey presented Francisco’s first album “Valediction”, performed live at Tokyo’s Blue Note club, and eventually invited him to join Incognito’s live line-up as guitarist.

Now that Francisco has performed with Incognito, Chaka Khan, Omar or Natalie Williams, his trips and experiences have inspired him his second album “Miles Away”: music he wrote “at home, inspired by the trips I took to places, cities, countries I had never visited. And you only realise how inspiring it was when you come back home. Your home looks the same, but you are a richer, fuller person.”

“Miles Away” is Francisco Sales’ way of sharing that wealth of experiences with his listeners.

Francisco is sponsored by Gibson Japan, Elixir Strings and Boss Pedals.


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