Noa Lur

Noa Lur

An exuberant and playful voice; feminine, full of talent, with a huge register and great dramatic ability, and with a charming and excellent-tuned playfulness. A truly captivating voice” – That’s how the prestigious Spanish jazz magazine “Cuadernos de jazz” defines Noa Lur, a young singer from Bilbao who got to the finals of the International Youth Jazz Festival “Nomme Jazz” from Estonia with its outstanding debut, Badakit. A sweeping job-recorded live in 2013 in studio, piano and voice, old-style, true reflection of a rare emotional intensity that met high expectations of the national and international jazz scenes.

Flanked by three of the most remarkable pianists of the current jazz Spanish scene – Moisés Sanchez, Pepe Rivero and Luis Guerra – Noa Lur reinvents through duets great jazz standards, and flirts with boleros, as well as she signs some of the pieces of this album, like the one that gives name to Badakit which contains the evocative collaboration of the awarded txalapartaris Oreka TX.

Consciously disregarding all superfluous ornament through a “tour de force” of sincerity, Noa Lur – in the words of Pepe Rivero, “is able to move from simplicity to virtuosity as a fish in the water… is an absolute discovery.” But Noa, also plays Badakit in her concerts with her quartet with musicians as Reinier Elizarde “El Negron” Michael Olivera, Toño Miguel, Georvis Pico, Andrés Litwin… touring shows at national and international festivals (Boguie Jazz, Bilbaína Jazz Club – Distrito Jazz, Nardis Jazz Club – Istanbul, Nomme Jazz – Estonia, Madrid Jazz Festival, Ellas Crean, Madgarden Festival…).

Currently, Noa is also the main vocalist of the Walter Sax Big Band, directed by Walter Geromet. Noa Lur, acts on different projects and shares the stage with other national and international musicians like Sibel Kose, Borja Barrueta, Bobby Martinez, Onder Focan, Kursad Deniz, Ander García, Juan Sebastián Vázquez, Abdón Alcaraz…

Noa’s musical journey begins in childhood when she was 13 year old, with her performances in children’s galas of the Spanish television, and it was in her hometown where her studies of music began. This singer, studied ballet for 8 years, also modern dance, interpretation… taking simultaneously various disciplines of the Performing Arts. At the age of 19 she moved to Madrid and since then she has attended classes with teachers as Romina Balestrino, Patricia Colaco and at the Taller de Músicos de Madrid School. Thus, her preparation has led her to work, not only for Jazz bands but also in musical productions (All That Jazz, Cabaret…) as voice of radio ads (Spotify), in soundtracks and in other artist’s albums.

In addition, Noa Lur has a degree of Audiovisual Communication at Complutense University of Madrid and a Master in Events by University of Deusto, and after that she took a few years of her life working at Universal Music Spain as product manager of national and international jazz artists. But her greatest passion, music, leads her to make a decision and devote herself exclusively to her life as a singer.

This year she released her second album Troublemaker that continues to receive excellent reviews. Cuadernos de Jazz, Distrito Jazz, Toma Jazz, Radio 3, El Correo… All jazz magazines, webs and blogs in the country mention the impeccable technique, versatility, warmth and originality of this young artist. The best of the past and future. A dazzling voice on top of a new and splendid generation of jazz musicians.


Watch here the official video for the single “Walk Your Talk”:

Watch here the live performance of “Troublemaker”:

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