The project OS POETAS emerged from meetings between Rodrigo Leão, Gabriel Gomes Monteiro and Herminio Monteiro, editor of Assírio&Alvim, on whose estate existed rare recordings of notable portuguese poets saying their own poems.

The CD “Entre Nós e as Palavras” published in 1997  was the result of months of intense composition, while an accomplice friendship and affinity was built up between the poets and the two musicians. With Francisco Ribeiro (ex – Madredeus) and Margarida Araujo on the strings the ensemble did a few concerts in the 90s.

OS POETAS returned in 2012 with a new work “Autografia” and re-edited the 1997′s album “Entre Nós e as Palavras”, long out of print. For “Autografia” they composed new themes, met other poets and invited the actor Miguel Borges to say the poems.


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