Richard Galliano


Photo by Vincent Catala

Accordion and Bandoneon Virtuoso, Composer Richard Galliano expresses himself in all musical fields,  from classical to jazz. Richard Galliano is nowadays the only accordion player to record for the prestigious classical music label “Deutsche Grammophon “.

 After having learned, since the age of 4,  piano and accordion from his father,  Accordion player and teacher, Lucien Galliano, he is welcome at the Conservatorium of Nice , directed by the famous Pierre Cochereau, and studies Harmonies, Counterpoints… as well as Trombone (First prize in  1969). In 1975,  he meets Claude Nougaro while settling down in Paris. Richard Galliano will be his accordion player and Orchestra chief till 1983.  He will compose for him the music of Allé des Brouillards, Des Voiliers, Vie Violennce,… In 1980 , second important meeting: Astor Piazzolla who will advise him to create a French New Musette the same way Piazzolla invented the Argentinian New Tango.

Richard Galliano has recorded more than 50 albums under his own name and collaborated with an impressive number of artists like Chet Baker, Eddy Louiss, Ron Carter, Charlie Haden or Serge Reggiani.

His “Bach Project” on Deutsche Grammophon has beaten all classical sales with more than 50.000 copies in 2010.


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1997: A “Jazz Victory Award’ for his album “New York Tango “

1998: A “Jazz Victory Award’ for his album ” Blow Up “

2009: Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters

2010: A SACEM Award for the best pedagogical method of accordion which he co-wrote with his father Lucien Galliano (Éd.Lemoine)

2011: Commandeur of the Order of Arts et Letters

2014 : A “Classical Victory Award” : Richard Galliano receives the award of the “Best Composer of the Year 2014″

2016: Richard Galliano records his new album, dedicated to the work of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

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