Teresa Lopes Alves

teresa lopes alves - aurélio vasques

(Photo by Aurélio Vasques)

Music has been the one constant in the life of Teresa Lope Alves, ever since she was a young girl dazzled by the sounds coming out of the family stereo. Fado, jazz, bossa-nova got under her skin and created in her a passion for song and singing that has never let go.

That passion sustained many of her adventures. Like opening a record store exclusively dedicated to Portuguese music; like singing on stage with Nouvelle Vague during their Portuguese tours; like presenting a series of successful radio programmes in Lisbon’s Fado station Radio Amália…

It was also that passion that led her to become for a number of years a resident singer at Lisbon’s prestigious Fado venue Clube de Fado. And that led her to perform internationally – Algiers, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Madrid. Her well-received debut album “Reflexo” came out in 2010 and opened doors for her career.

Teresa is now preparing a new studio album for a 2017 release and also a new concert. A stage show that will resonate with her unique Portuguese sensibility, enriched by her travels and by the music she has carried with her since the years of the family stereo. And a show that will bring the best out of her unique, seductive voice.


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Teresa Lopes Alves debuted two tracks from her new album at Portugal Fashion in the TM Collection’s fashion show. Watch here the live performance

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