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Nova-_Crédito-Susana-Pereira_site uguruIt seems it was only yesterday we first heard the magical voice of Teresa Salgueiro…. And yet, it was in 1986 that a teenager from Lisbon surprised two of Portugal’s best pop musicians, Rodrigo Leão and Pedro Ayres Magalhães, when they were looking for a singer for a new acoustic-based project they were preparing.

Their surprise and enchantment with this pure, crystalline voice was something they couldn’t wait to share with audiences. And the public was as surprised as they were. First, in Portugal, with the revelation of that group, known as Madredeus, in 1987. Then, from 1990 onwards, all over the world, as the enchanting melodies of Madredeus’ songs meshed perfectly with the breathtaking voice of Teresa Salgueiro.

Between 1987 and 2007, twenty years on the road and sales of over five million albums turned Madredeus into the prime international ambassadors of the music of Portugal, a feat no one had achieved since Amália. And Teresa Salgueiro’s pristine, discrete presence and interpretive power was at the forefront of their popularity. We heard her voice grow into a highly tuned instrument of unique beauty, both elegant and eloquent; we heard her talent as a performer blossom with each new recording and each new tour; we saw her grow on stage as a woman who represented not only a country, but the whole soul of a people.

That Teresa Salgueiro was one of the great contemporary singers was recognised by artists as diverse as José Carreras, Caetano Veloso, Carlos Núñez, Angelo Branduardi or Zbigniew Preisner. And, as the travels of Madredeus slowly came to a halt, Teresa began to sketch her own way as a solo artist, taking her first steps accompanied by the Brazilian septet of João Cristal and the orchestral Lusitânia Ensemble, composed by symphonic instrumentalists.

If with Madredeus Teresa showed Portugal to the world, her first solo projects brought the world to Portugal and made her voice truly global. Você e Eu recorded with the João Cristal septet was a journey through the richness of Brazilian popular song. Then, with the Lusitânia Ensemble, she appropriated the many cultures she had visited while travelling with Madredeus in La Serena, and drew a brief history of Portuguese song with Matriz.

O Mistério revealed another facet of Teresa’s talents by revealing her songwriting talents – tailored to her unique voice and showcasing her as not just a singer but an entire artist, finally in control of her entire career.

All the many facets of Teresa’s artistry are now tied together as she celebrates an ongoing career that has made her a citizen of the world. Last year she released La Golondrina y el Horizonte, an album recorded exclusively for Mexico with covers of material by Violeta Parra, Agustin Lara or Astor Piazzolla. And in the end of 2016 she released a new album of self-written material, Horizonte. Finally, a commemorative tour of her remarkable career will travel the world between 2016 and 2017, a show that brings together Madredeus classics, Teresa’s own compositions and the songs she has made hers over the decades. A production that explains why Teresa Salgueiro is one of the most outstanding talents ever revealed by Portugal, in music or otherwise.


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“Moving and majestic, Portuguese diva Teresa Salgueiro’s performance at the city’s annual world music festival transformed the concert hall in Bitola into the most intimate of settings with the international premiere of her newest album O Horizonte. (…) Apart from her immense musical talent and impressive and unique voice, Salgueiro’s talent also lies in how she can immediately make her concerts an intimate occasion and this was no different. Deep and profound, her performance at the festival was a perfect example how to treat your songs, band members and your audience with warmth and respect.” – All About Jazz

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