Tété Alhinho


The Soothing Voice from Cabo Verde

When Simentera took over the world in the early nineties, one voice stood out: Teté Alhinho!

“Teté’s smoky, emotion-drenched delivery was a vital part of the groups unique sound“ wrote J. Poet, at Global Rhythm (USA).

Her singing and her compositions are remarkably soothing. Nobody that has ever listened to Teté performing live can ever go back to their routine with ease.

Teté sings about melancholy without being sad. “You compose better about love when you are melancholic than when you are happy. When you´re happy, you are so full of love you have no space for anything else. When you are happy in love, you share this sentiment only with your beloved. But when you are sad, you need to share it with others, so you compose to translate what you feel. But the other side of this is hope, believing in better days to come”. It is with this simplicity that Tete conquers the hearts of her audience. With a velvet voice made out of threads from Cabo Verde, Cuba, Mexico or even Portugal, where her father was born. The natural fiber of pure magic. The miracle of inspiring all of those who will never forget her singing.


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“Alhinho’s phrasing, light and delicate, slowly draws you in.”  – Sunday Times (UK), August 2017

“Cesária Évora logical successor is capable of tugging heartstrings”  – Australian Weekend (Australia), October 2017

“What a comeback: beautiful and tender it takes advantage of how incredible she sounds when she sings effortlessly, as if she´s whispering to herself and trying not to disturb anyone around her.” – Songlines, August/September 2017

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