De Viva Voz


4 groups. 40 female voices. 1 show

Cramol, Maria Monda, Segue-me à Capela, Sopa de Pedra

DE VIVA VOZ brings out the richness of a historical legacy: the human voice.

DE VIVA VOZ is a collective of 40 women from four different a capella groups. The renowned singer-songwriter Amélia Muge conceived the idea and challenged the four groups – Cramol, Maria Monda, Segue-me à Capela, Sopa de Pedra – to come together as one and create a unique musical journey spanning centuries of human singing. Four groups from four different areas of Portugal – Oeiras, Lisbon, Coimbra, Oporto -, but all devoted to the ancient art of choral singing.

Traditional female polyphonic singing is one of the richest cultural heritages of Portuguese art and music, and one of the least known internationally, despite having influenced so many musicians and composers. DE VIVA VOZ suggests that we discover it, or rediscover it, in new and surprising ways.


Watch here the live debut of this project at Teatro Tivoli BBVA:

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