Rui Massena’s “III” released worldwide by Deutsche Grammophon

Acclaimed composer and maestro Rui Massena is one of the most successful artists of the actual Portuguese music scene right now – and confirms his unique status the same with his new and outstanding album. “III”, now released on Universal’s Deutsche Grammophon.

There are very few classical musicians that become bona fide stars in popular music. Rui Massena is one of those exceptions. As he sees it, there really are no differences between styles and genres – only music, a harmony of different attitudes, cultures and languages.

A life-long pioneer and defender of classical music and a maestro and pianist by training, Mr. Massena has performed in 14 countries with 30 orchestras, has conducted for José Carreras, Ute Lemper, or Wim Mertens, and was main guest conductor of the Rome Symphony Orchestra for three seasons. He has also received a number of distinctions, both as maestro (like the Cultural Merit Medals from the Brazilian Arts and Sciences Academy) and as a TV personality (his TV series “Música Maestro” was shortlisted for the Rose d’Or awards).

But this wasn’t enough his multi-faceted talent, and Mr. Massena knew his compositions required other settings, other backgrounds. With his first album, “Solo”, in 2015, recorded entirely on solo piano, his remarkable talent as a melodist was revealed to the world. Music that he himself describes as “tranquil, almost therapeutic”, strongly based on emotion. In 2016, he released “Ensemble”, partly recorded with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. Inspired by the world-renowned village of Sintra, where the record was composed and partly recorded, “Ensemble” shot to #1 in the Portuguese charts. Its release was followed by two totally different tours: one, with a string section described as the Rui Massena Ensemble, closer to the orchestral sound of that album.

This was followed by a tour with the five-piece Rui Massena Band, a way to experiment live with electronic instruments and add new layers to his compositions, that served as the “testing ground” for new approaches. All these experiences come together in the new album. “III” is described by Mr. Massena as a “synthesis” of his career so far and “a new step forward”, recorded in two stages. In Berlin, Mr. Massena recorded all of the piano parts with the Grammy winner producer and engineer Tobias Lehman, with a special attention to the acoustics of the room and of the instrument – the same Steinway piano often used by the Berlin Philharmonic. In Oporto, Mr. Massena recorded with his stage band, looking for what he calls a “balance” between his many interests. “I tried to add some contemporary electronics to my classical training, and include a progressive, fusion process on the emotions of my previous albums. It was all about discovering new sounds and extending my language.”

“III” is, however, still unmistakably Rui Massena. “It’s a huge step forward for me as a composer. It is still my music; but it adds something new, shows me new paths I can take. In that process I found where I wanted to go.” “III” was mastered in New York by Grammy-winning engineer Joe Laporta and features seven new instrumental pieces. The album was released in Portugal by Universal on the Deutsche Grammophon label in November 2018. A tour is already planned for 2019 coinciding with the international release of “III” via Deutsche Grammophon.

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May 2018

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CSO_8892_1The Portuguese pianist and composer André Barros is one of the nominees for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2017, on the category for the music genre “Contemporary Classical / Instrumental” with the theme “Brisas de Outono” from his latest solo album, In Between.

 André Barros’ unique sound have already earned him the trophy for “Best Soundtrack” on the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards.

 You can get the opportunity to see this enormous talent on this year’s edition of Misty Fest, where he’ll premiere alongside with the Iceland singer and composer Myrra Rós their new collaboration-album “Reasons”, that is about to be released.


November 9th – Teatro José Lúcio da Silva, Leiria [tickets]

November 10th – Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon [tickets]

November 11th  – Auditório da Academia de Música de Espinho [tickets]

Rodrigo Leão & Scott Matthew – European Tour

Rodrigo Leão & Scott Matthew started their tour last November to present their new album – Life Is Long – released in Portugal and Spain by Universal Music Portugal and throughout Europe by Glitterhouse Records.

SM_RL Foto byMichaelMann 116098322 HR


**** Mojo Magazine – “A masterclass in sad baroque from Portuguese-Australian alliance”

7/10 Uncut Magazine – “Suave chamber-pop ballads from transatlantic duo”

**** Stern Kultur – “On their joint album “Life Is Long” they create together musical landscapes of enchanted beauty.”



10th March – Ponta Delgada, Azores- Teatro Micaelense

11th March – Braga, Portugal – Theatro Circo

14th March – Cologne, Germany – Kulturkirche Köln

15th March –  Erlangen, Germany – E-Werk

16th March – Zurique, Switzerland – Schauspielhaus

17th March – Vienna, Austria – Konzerthaus

18th March – Linz, Austria – Posthof

19th March – Hamburg, Germany – Kampnagel

20th March – Berlin, Germany – Bar jeder Vernunft

21st March – Berlin, Germany – Bar jeder Vernunft

23rd March – Corsica, Italy – Mezzo Voce

25th March – Roma, Italy – Auditorium Parco della Musica

8th June – Porto, Portugal – NOS Primavera Sound

21st July – Faro, Portugal – Teatro das Figuras


The desire to offer a gift “For Amália” was felt by Mísia after more than 20 years of building a repertoire and a sonority of her own, in complicity with the greatest writers, poets and Portuguese musicians.
In concert, “For Amália” can be presented in two versions: a more intimate one with only piano and voice, and a complete one in which the guitars join the piano. In both, a visual effect of projection loop of the preferred gem of Amália Rodrigues, pulsing in various colors Fado keywords: Destiny, Voice, Saudade, Woman.
Mísia is a pioneer, a free spirit, that had to build her own path in the genre, and that’s probably why she is called by some the anarchist of Fado. Nobel Prize winner José Saramago wrote for her voice, the French film director Patrice Leconte directed the video (Duas Luas 2001), John Turturro chose Mísia for his film “Passione” (2010). William Christie programmed her at the Cité de la Musique in Paris (2004). For many years she has built an international career on the most prestigious stages, such as Berlin Philharmonic, Festival d’Avignon, Ópera National Theatre of São Carlos in Lisbon, Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris, Town Hall in New York, Festival d’Avignon, Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, Cocoon Theater in Tokyo, amongst others. Her work has been mentioned in the press worldwide: Billboard, New York Times, Libération, Die Zeit… Mísia is a contemporary Portuguese singer, who is widely celebrated for the timeless and universal sentiments, which are part of her songs sung not only in her native language but also in many other languages.
Countless awards and distinctions, hundreds of thousand records sold all over the world, illustrate well the importance of this artist into the history of Fado, in the Portuguese music in general, past and future.

Teresa Salgueiro – Tour 2016/2017

WORLD TOUR 2016 | 2017
This year , Teresa Salgueiro  celebrates 30 years of a prestigious career with the release of a new record-“O Horizonte” / (“The Horizon”), the second one written by her, followed by a new concert enclosing  some of this new material as well as many songs from her life time repertoire including songs from Madredeus.This will be the base for a new worldwide tour!
Teresa Salgueiro’s career is certainly rich and full as she, undoubtedly, is a major figure within the Portuguese artistic panorama as well as one of Portugal’s most recognizable and respected voices for the last three decades.
Teresa Salgueiro started her journey in music in 1986, at 17, when she was invited to join the group Madredeus, with whom she sang for 20 years, recording 9 albums and performed in some of the world’s most prestigious venues.
Since 2007 Teresa as made several collaborations with renown artists such as the polish composer Zbigniew  Preisner or the Italian Solis String Quartet.
Her extraordinary versatility as an interpreter is shown by her dedication in recording and playing in a vast number of idioms and music styles.
In this period she also produced “Matriz”, her tribute to the cultural Portuguese patrimony: the richness, variety and ancestry of the  Portuguese music and poetry.
In 2011 she released the album “O Mistério” (“The Mystery”), where she writes, directs and produces the entire work. With this album  she embraced a four year  tour continuing her journey  in some of the most important venues from Spain to Macau, Taiwan, to Brazil, Poland, Switzerland or  Norway.
Late 2015 a new record  in Spanish was released for the Latin markets, “La Golondrina y el Horizonte”, inspired by the strong connection and  everlasting tenderness that she  always receives from the Mexican and American Latin audience.




9th April – Rua Pedonal’s Stage- 19h20

OLAVO BILAC has been selected to showcase live at this year´s edition of AME Cap Vert.


One of the most cherished voices by the Portuguese public, Olavo Bilac, (lead singer of two of the Top Pop bands: Santos & Pecadores and Resistência) is now pursuing his solo career with “Músicas do Meu Mundo”  (My World Music). A return to his roots as he parents are from Cap Vert and he was born in Mozambique.

On this new chapter, Olavo Bilac points the coordinates for this voyage: “Cape Verde, Angola, Brazil, Portugal – the Atlantic and the Lusophony are ideas, sounds, routes that I want to explore,” he states. And to do so, he already has accurate and precious ideas in the repertoire: a standards like “Trem das Onze” that almost everyone has sung, from Gal Costa to Duo Ouro Negro, now Olavo wants also to make his, as well as themes from composers such as Paulo Flores or Waldemar Bastos, Rui Veloso, Zeca Afonso incursions into the traditional patrimony of some rich songbooks, such as Cap Vert one.


On stage, the Samba and the Bossa, the Morna and Semba, Fado and the Ballad will be mixed and reinvented by experienced musicians, with balance and accuracy. And on top, an husky and singular voice the public learned to applaud since long, recognizing his unique soulful. This is also the world of Olavo Bilac who will lead us throughout a universe of songs, colors, aromas, the Atlantic and passion.

Rodrigo Leão in concert at the Kennedy Center in Washington.

rodrigo arte instituteRodrigo Leão in concert at the Kennedy Center in Washington:

Millennium Stage: March 20 at 6 pm.

presented by Arte Institute and sponsored by Luso American Foundation for the Development (FLAD)

The founding musician behind well-known Portuguese ensemble Madredeus—and founding member of indie-rock band Sétima Legião—began a solo career in 1993. He has also composed scores for several films, including 2013’s The Butler directed by Lee Daniels.

Watch the interview

Solo, Rui Massena’s debut album is released today

Solo, the debut album by the internationally acclaimed Portuguese maestro Rui Massena is out today!

Rui Massena reveals his pianist and composer’s side on the debut album Solo, released today by Universal Music. There are 15 songs composed and played on the piano by Rui Massena, revealing a more complete and personal dimension.


Orchestra conductors are fascinating figures – often eccentric, mostly touched by genius. Such as Rui Massena, the well-known Portuguese maestro who helped Guimarães’ 2012 run as European Cultural Capital become such a success. As a programming director of the event, Mr. Massena created the Fundação Orquestra Estúdio, a singular foundation designed to plant a seed for the future in the shape of an orchestra with musicians from over 20 countries. Its success became living proof of Mr. Massena’s unique talents: a conductor who doesn’t only lead the different sections of the orchestra, but also a harmonizer of different attitudes, cultures and languages.
That vision is what has been setting Rui Massena’s work as conductor apart. Abroad, he has been the main guest conductor of the Rome Symphony Orchestra in the 2009-2011 seasons; he was the first Portuguese conductor to perform at New York’s prestigious Carnegie Hall, in 2007. In Portugal, he dived wholeheartedly into the unusual adventure of The Expensive Soul Symphonic Experience, a unique combination of classical orchestra and the modern hip-hop/pop of Oporto duo Expensive Soul; its DVD release was the best-selling Portuguese music DVD of 2012. Mr. Massena has also received a number of distinctions: the Cultural Merit Medals from the Brazilian Arts and Sciences Academy and the Vila Nova de Gaia City Hall, and the Rose d’Or television festival shortlisted his television series “Música Maestro” in the Arts category.
Mr. Massena has also been the artistic director and resident conductor of the Madeira Classical Orchestra from 2000 to 2012 and in that role he worked with names such as José Carreras, José Cura, Ute Lemper, Wim Mertens, Guy Braustein or Ivan Lins.

Amélia Com Versos de Amália – Amélia Muge’s New Album

The album focus around an artistic Amália Rodrigues’s side that the public in general didn’t got in touch with until now: her verses. This new project it’s an original idea of Manuela de Freitas on which Amélia Muge chose to partner and, simultaneously homage Amália and the world beyond, Fado and Fado singers, who were the first to performance themes of her authorship.

“Amélia com versos de Amália” has the arrangements of José Mário Branco, who also did the musical direction with José Martins. The creation of the original themes for Amália’s verses resulted on a combined work by Amélia, Michakes Loukovikas (Amelia’s partner on her latest album “Periplus”) and José Mário Branco.

Amélia Muge brought to theses verses an enormous musical diversion that is a constant and distinguished mark on her artistic work, reflecting an expression of Amália Rodrigues that nobody is used to, and never forgetting that Amália was one of the main links that connected Fado and the musicality of other cultures.