Jorge Fernando awarded medal of merit from Lisbon’s Mayor

A year after the declaration of Fado as Intangible Heritage of Humanity by Unesco, the Lisbon Municipality assigned a medal of merit to Jorge Fernando. The singer received the medal from the hands of the city Mayor, António Costa, for services rendered to fado throughout his career.

Besides being one of the most cherished fado singers, Jorge Fernando is also a musician, composer and responsible for some of the biggest hits of this genre, particularly by some of the records of Mariza, Ana Moura or Fábia Rebordão. He accompanied Amalia Rodrigues as a guitar player for almost a decade and was awarded the Culture Prize of the Italian government and several awards in portugal as well in recognition for its contribution to fado.

Hamilton de Holanda plays for the President of Brazil

The President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff smiles with the interpretation of the National Anthem by Hamilton de Holanda.

Hamilton de Holanda, recently awarded for his album “Brasiliano 3” by its nomination for the Latin Grammy Awards in the categories of Best Instrumental Album and Best Engineered Album, had the honor of playing the anthem of Brazil before Dilma Rousseff, the President of Brazil, at the appointment of Joaquim Barbosa as the supreme court minister.

Watch the video here:

CELINA DA PIEDADE first solo album “Em Casa” “One of the best Portuguese CDs of the year!”- A. Pires in Blitz, Nov12

After several participations in records of artists such as Rodrigo Leão, Mayra Andrade, Ludovico Einaudi, Kepa Junkera or Uxia, Celina da Piedade  has released her first solo album “Em Casa” with great reviews.

Celina has a great Portuguese traditional music concert!

“Not realising this was a double album I put the second CD on first , and it’s an impressive opening – deep hand-drumming and bell-chimes leading into and forming the sole accompaniment to Celina da Piedade’s calm, (on this track) fado-like, vocal. This isn’t in any way a fado album though; she’s noted button-accordeonist from southern Portugal deeply involved in the folk songs and dance music of Alentejo, and her material ranges widely, vocally and intrumentally, through her own and tradicional material… Another elegant fado-style vocal accompanied by harp and rich dark cello, then over piano, limpid accordeon and unexpected, nicely-judged musical saw it’s the winning traditional slow-mazurca song “A Lira”, with intro by Kelly Thoma’s Cretan lyra… particularly the string-quartet accompanied “Toada”, which combines a 19th Century song from Setúbal with instrumental sections using the 16th Century English melody Bonny Sweet Robin.” – Andrew Cronshaw in fRoots Nov 2012

 Check the video:



Rotas & Rituais 2012 – Luxurious musical programming at Cinema São Jorge, Lisbon, November 15th, 16th and 17th

15th | Thursday | 22h00




On the year of the celebration of Portugal and Brazil (Official Year of Brazil in Portugal and Portugal in Brazil 2012/2013) special bonds and bridging the distance between both countries, Paula and Jaques Morelenbaum invite the portuguese classical guitar player Pedro Jóia for a special concert at Rotas e Rituais 2012’s edition. A special gathering between the best of Brazilian swing and the outstanding interpretation of the classical guitar.

16th | Friday | 22h00





Hamilton de Holanda is the reinventor of the 10 strings mandonlin in Brazil and has been appointed for two Grammy nominations in 2012. The critics point out his mastery and the bridges he built between Jazz and brazilian Choro. It makes perfect sense that Hamilton de Holanda invites Maria João and Mário Laginha whom have been also responsible for so many musical fusions. Between Jazz and Portuguese traditions, Maria João and Mário Laginha  propose a dialogue around one of the Brazilian musical treasures – Choro..

17th | Saturday | 22h00





Mariana Aydar and Duani are a duo with a history. Mariana is one of the most important voices of the new generation of MPB. Duani is at the moment the voice on Imperial Orchestra, has played drums with Seu Jorge and Marcelo D2 and has worked with Hermeto Pascoal, Marisa Monte and Tulipa Ruiz. On this concert Duani and Mariana Aydar share the stage with JP Simões, one of the most acclaimed musicians for his work on the Portuguese band Belle Chase Hotel and also for his solo editions, and Norton Daiello, the Brazilian bass player, portuguese based, and one of the mentors of Couple Coffee.

Rodrigo Leão is back to Coliseu do Porto and Coliseu de Lisboa in November

The magical music of Rodrigo Leão is back to the stages of Coliseu do Porto and Coliseu de Lisboa, two of the main concert halls in Portugal. On stage with Rodrigo Leão, the special guests Beth Gibbons (Portishead) Neil Hannon (The Divine Comedy) Scott Matthew and a few surprises. The concerts will take place on the following dates:

Coliseu do Porto – November 26th

Coliseu de Lisboa November 27th



Danças Ocultas on Tour in Belgium and Portugal

Danças Ocultas tour in Belgium – check here the dates and the concert halls

14 November -Kortrijk, CC Kortrijk

15 November – Turnhout, De Warande

16 November – Leopoldsburg, CC Leopoldsbourg vzw

17 November – Dendermonde, CC Belgica

21 November – Strombeek-Bever, CC Strombeek

22 November – Beveren, CC Ter Vesten

23 November – Heist-op-den-Berg, CC Zwaneberg

24 November – Roeselare, CC De Spil

25 November – Borgerhout, Antwerp, De Roma

During this month Danças Ocultas will be touring in Belgium, 9 concerts on some of the best concert halls. Right after, on November 29th they will return to Portugal for a national tour, featuring one of the most exciting performances to be seen this year: on the same stage, Portuguese Danças Ocultas and Brazilian Dom La Nena will join together compositions and instruments to create a profoundly original fusion.

Danças Ocultas’s Artur Fernandes, Filipe Cal, Filipe Ricardo and Miguel Francisco, use the diatonic accordion, known in Portugal as “concertina”, to give breath to their amazing and inspired compositions distinguished by a unique self musical grammar.

Dom La Nena is a very young but highly regarded Brazilian, Paris based, cellist and singer whose talent has led her to be requested for touring with notable names such as Jane Birkin or Piers Faccini, with whom she co-produced her brand new album. Her compositions range from classical music to Brazilian popular music and beyond, Dom is the ideal musical partner for the gifted Danças Ocultas.

Together on stage, Danças Ocultas e Dom will interpret new arrangements for their own music, giving to it a new approach and dimension. Voice, cello and concertinas – different breaths with similar passion for music on a unique and unforgettable performance.