Aline Frazão New Album -Movimento (Motion) out now

Aline Frazão is from Angola, but her music easily travels through Brazil and Cape Vert-

 The young Angolan singer and writer is now releasing her  second album


(Ponto Zurca/ Coast to Coast).

Apart from her own compositions the record also includes the participations from angolan poets CarlosFerreira “Cassé” and Alda Lara.

Aline Frazão signs the musical production of the album.

Her band is composed by Marco Pombinho (piano and rhodes),Francesco Valente (bass and double bass) and Marco Alves (drums and percussion). This CD also had the participation of two cape verdian musicians:Miroca Paris (percussion) and Vaiss Dias (guitar and small guitar)

Artist Note

This record was really a Motion,a chain joinning many talents and friendships.

 Everyone gave their contribution. The work was intensive,around the clock, interchaining emotions,

 fatigue and even the climate of this grey spring.

“Movimento” encloses a lot of life within . One of this work mark’s is that everything, songs and cover,was achieved with very few takes. Almost, an analogical motion.

 In the studio, it was never our goal to achieve a perfect sound,   rather a balance.

A simple truth. In composition, I tried not to work too much the songs ,instead I let them ask me what they needed the next day. I composed and worked on the songs thinking about the instruments,but still there were surprises. Improvisation allows it.

 It was not a very premeditated album , only  finished during the mixing stage.

I really trusted the talent of all the people around me, their spontaneity, the unpredictable ideas and the songs. They sustain everything.

The musicians did a really amazing job while  the communication was improved through the process.

The songs breathe and the instruments are heard.

There’s a beautiful communication between the bass and the piano, between the guitar and the percussion. Cape Vert’s islands are also very present in these songs. Vaiss and Miroca collaborations gave shape and continuation to my first trip to Cape Vert last year.

Luanda is also very present, and it is almost like an invisible character in all the songs.

 Most of them were written there. Maybe that’s the reason why the songs have that strong quality of observing, sometimes alone and in silence, other times more participant and mixed.

On the other hand, I feel that this record leads to something bigger, since I feel increasingly more supported. There’s a lot of people that I identify myself with, people that inspire me, people that interact with me almost invisibly. In Angola, I feel that there is a new creative force, transversal to all the artforms, that somehow have become organized. It has been gaining some space, stating  what  has to be said, letting go of the old endless conversations and taking  to quick action and expression. The answer is in the team effort. We want. We think. We feel. We do !That’s what “Movimento” is all about.

upcoming concerts:

May: 30, 31  Luanda


7- Serpa, Encontro de Culturas

28 – Loulé, Festival Med


20 – Lisboa, Largo do Intendente

24  – Sines, Festival de Músicas do Mundo


23 de- Santa Maria, Açores, Festival Maré de Agosto

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