Amélia Com Versos de Amália – Amélia Muge’s New Album

The album focus around an artistic Amália Rodrigues’s side that the public in general didn’t got in touch with until now: her verses. This new project it’s an original idea of Manuela de Freitas on which Amélia Muge chose to partner and, simultaneously homage Amália and the world beyond, Fado and Fado singers, who were the first to performance themes of her authorship.

“Amélia com versos de Amália” has the arrangements of José Mário Branco, who also did the musical direction with José Martins. The creation of the original themes for Amália’s verses resulted on a combined work by Amélia, Michakes Loukovikas (Amelia’s partner on her latest album “Periplus”) and José Mário Branco.

Amélia Muge brought to theses verses an enormous musical diversion that is a constant and distinguished mark on her artistic work, reflecting an expression of Amália Rodrigues that nobody is used to, and never forgetting that Amália was one of the main links that connected Fado and the musicality of other cultures.