9th April – Rua Pedonal’s Stage- 19h20

OLAVO BILAC has been selected to showcase live at this year´s edition of AME Cap Vert.


One of the most cherished voices by the Portuguese public, Olavo Bilac, (lead singer of two of the Top Pop bands: Santos & Pecadores and Resistência) is now pursuing his solo career with “Músicas do Meu Mundo”  (My World Music). A return to his roots as he parents are from Cap Vert and he was born in Mozambique.

On this new chapter, Olavo Bilac points the coordinates for this voyage: “Cape Verde, Angola, Brazil, Portugal – the Atlantic and the Lusophony are ideas, sounds, routes that I want to explore,” he states. And to do so, he already has accurate and precious ideas in the repertoire: a standards like “Trem das Onze” that almost everyone has sung, from Gal Costa to Duo Ouro Negro, now Olavo wants also to make his, as well as themes from composers such as Paulo Flores or Waldemar Bastos, Rui Veloso, Zeca Afonso incursions into the traditional patrimony of some rich songbooks, such as Cap Vert one.


On stage, the Samba and the Bossa, the Morna and Semba, Fado and the Ballad will be mixed and reinvented by experienced musicians, with balance and accuracy. And on top, an husky and singular voice the public learned to applaud since long, recognizing his unique soulful. This is also the world of Olavo Bilac who will lead us throughout a universe of songs, colors, aromas, the Atlantic and passion.

Rodrigo Leão in concert at the Kennedy Center in Washington.

rodrigo arte instituteRodrigo Leão in concert at the Kennedy Center in Washington:

Millennium Stage: March 20 at 6 pm.

presented by Arte Institute and sponsored by Luso American Foundation for the Development (FLAD)

The founding musician behind well-known Portuguese ensemble Madredeus—and founding member of indie-rock band Sétima Legião—began a solo career in 1993. He has also composed scores for several films, including 2013’s The Butler directed by Lee Daniels.

Watch the interview https://vimeo.com/118486568