Rodrigo Leão’s new album – “O Método”



I started writing down ideas for a new album during 2017, while I was touring Europe with Scott Matthew after releasing our CD “Life Is Long”.

As always with my creative process, my first steps are always very intuitive and not at all methodical! Some of my first ideas came to me in hotel rooms. In November of 2017 we recorded our first demos, but we still had our doubts.

After three very different albums – “A Vida Secreta das Máquinas”, which was all electronic, “O Retiro”, recorded with an orchestra and choir, and “Life Is Long” with Scott – I felt I needed to find new paths.

And I was feeling very influenced by composers like Nils Frahm, Ólafur Arnalds or Max Richter.

This is where Federico Albanese, the much acclaimed Italian musician and composer, joined us. Me, and my regular co-producers Pedro Oliveira and João Eleutério, realised we need someone with fresh ears to join us, and we accepted the suggestion of my long-time friend and manager António Cunha to bring in an outside opinion.

At the same time we were invited to write music for an exhibition about the brain at Lisbon’s Calouste Gulbenkian museum.

On that project, which was co-produced by João Eleutério and Luís Fernandes, we learned a lot about electronic ambient sounds, and they proved very useful for this new record.

Our first working sessions were not easy, but we quickly found a method of working that brought us closer to the ideas we were looking for. Federico was very important in this; he suggested arrangements and instrumentation that helped get us there. We now had a clearer view of the minimalist, ethereal ambiance I was looking for.

This is the album on which I play the most piano ever! We also didn’t use the strings as much. This brought something new to the general sound of the project, as did a youth choir of 20 singers, which I’d thought of using very early in the project.

“O Método” is much leaner than my other albums. The sound is simpler, sparser, more self-contained. I also feel it is a little bit more spiritual; the music, being more ambient, takes us away from the day to day. I could explore a more naïf, childlike innocence that I felt now and then on previous albums.

For the songs. I did not want to use an existing language, I wanted to make up words so it would sound more abstract.

There are two exceptions. “The Boy Inside” was sung by Casper Clausen of Efterklang, who wrote the lyrics in English; Federico suggested asking him, and I knew and loved his work. “O Cigarro” is sung in Russian by Viviena Tupikova, who has played violin with me for a long time and wrote the lyrics as well. Another regular collaborator of mine, singer Ângela Silva, was very important with her suggestions for vocal arrangements and unusual way of singing made-up words.


The title changed during the recording, but “O Método”, “the method”, became the obvious choice. We were looking for a method to arrive at the final result, and Federico was very important in that process.


But I think it’s more interesting to see the method as more abstract, philosophical. Do we all have our own method to try and make something, communicate, feel, contribute?

The pieces on this album ask questions that don’t really have answers. A child points to the sky and asks: why are we here? Where do we go after we die? What is the meaning of life?

I like my music to ask questions, even if they have no answers. It means it communicates and says something to whoever hears it. It helps us think and dream. It moves us.

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Lina_Raül Refree – debut album out worldwide

“They take Amália songbook into places where she would never have dreamed to reach”.
João Lisboa, Expresso
“Here’s something satisfyingly audacious about Lina_Raül Refree, the debut album from Portuguese singer Lina and Raül Refree (…) The production throughout is minimal to the point of austerity, creating an intimacy that feels like standing with the duo in a darkened room. (…)The singer possesses a voice of fiercely intimate power and texture, capable within one brief musical phrase of tempting a bird to the windowsill and blowing the opera doors clean off (…) Intimate, heartfelt, and solemnly inviting, it’s also a wonderful record”.
Ben Cardew, Pitchfork (7,7)
“Étrangement, ces productions préservent la puissance acoustique du chant, véritable kaléidoscope d’émotions fine. Ni folk, ni pop, ni électro, avant-gardiste mais aucunement radical, l’ensemble constitue un petit bijou de modernité et célèbre magistralement le centenaire de la naissance de la grande Amália (…) Raül Reffree et Lina: un producteur dynamiteur des musiques ibériques et l’incarnation d’un fado traditionnel “.
Anne Berthold, Télérama (ffff)
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“MEDO”-“FEAR” The 2nd single advance on the much awaited joint work from Lina _Raul Refree

Fado rewired and recast
A never before tried approach to Fado and Amália Rodrigues classical repertoire.
Raül Refree revises fado with the same vision he did to Rosalia’s Flamenco.
Last October this collaboration took everyone by surprise with the release of their first single and videoclip “Cuidei que tinha Morrido” – “I Thought I Had Died”, an haunting interpretation for a unique musical approach and sonority setting the tone on what to expect from the upcoming record, different from anything you’ve heard! The album will be released internationally on January 17th by multi-awarded Glitterbeat records. Now “O Medo” is here and yet another gem! Check it out!
But the magic didn’t only happen in studio as the duo did their debut live this summer at La Mar de Músicas Festival and Sinsal with the applause of both audience and media. A concert staged by António Pires with an amazing light design by Tela Negra underlining all the drama within. After several concerts in Europe, the duo finally premiered in Portugal last November in four cities at Misty Fest.

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Rodrigo Leão: New album “O Método” and first single “A Bailarina”

“A Bailarina” is the 1st single from Rodrigo Leão’s upcoming album “O Método”, to be released worldwide by BMG on FEB 21st.
The track is sang by Sofia, Rodrigo’s youngest daughter, Ângela Silva and Viviena Tupikova with the participation of a choir “Friends of Children Musical Association”.
“A Bailarina” is also the first videoclip to anticipate the album and was directed and animated by Oskar & Gaspar studios out of Rodrigo Leão original drawings.

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Lina_ Raül Refree – single and video world premiere

Fado rewired and recast
Raül Refree – one of Europe’s most innovative producers (Rosalia, Lee Ranaldo)
Lina, a singer renown for her haunting interpretations of Amalia’s classic repertoire.
Today is the world premiere of the first single and videoclip that anticipates the album to be released internationally on 17th January 2020 by renowned Glitterbeat Records, a world music reference
The project live had its sold out premiere in Cartagena at Festival La Mar the Musicas -Spain, followed by boutique Festival Sinsal and Mercat de Musica Vic
Upcoming dates
30th October – BIME (Bilbao Inernational Music Experience), Stage Live – Bilbao (ES)
22nd November – Misty Fest, Teatro São Luiz – Lisboa (PT)
23rd November – Misty Fest, CCC – Caldas da Rainha (PT)
24th November – Misty Fest – Coimbra (PT)
27th November – Misty Fest, Theatro Circo – Braga (PT)
 16th January – Eurosonic, Der Aa-Kerk – Groningen (NL)
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Mísia live at Centro de Artes de Belgais

The soul of Belgais Arts Center , the internationally acclaimed Pianist Maria João Pires proceeds with her summertime musical celebration.
“O Canto da Terra” ( The Earth´s Chant) – a program focused on “The Voice” featuring Mísia as the guest singer, the Grupo Coral de Serpa (Choir group from Alentejo) and the Pianist Theo Gheorghiu
Mísia one of the most reputed Fado aesthetes’, a true explorer renown for her many unusual musical and poetic collaborations, released this summer worldwide ,her most recent work “PURA VIDA -Banda Sonora -through German Record Company GALILEO.
Precisely 20 years ago Mísia invited Maria João Pires to collaborate in one of her records – “Paixões Diagonais” , the title song of the album.
Is this intimate and profound complicity that will be now staged in a concert where the most prestigious and awarded Portuguese Pianist will help to unify the Classical Music and Fado universes.
In this program Mísia will explore universal heritage music with poems by Fernando Pessoa, Agustina Bessa-Luis, José Saramago and other great poets with music by Carlos Paredes or Mário Pacheco to name just a few and a classical piece “Du Bist Die Ruh” by Schubert with the help from the universally applauded hands of Maria João Pires!
The concert on September 14 is already sold out.
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MÍSIA Pura Vida (Banda Sonora) Released worldwide today

Mísia’s latest album, Pura Vida (Banda Sonora), is released worldwide today – June 14th – by the renowned German publisher Galileo Music. The record was published in Portugal on April 12.
The words of Miguel Torga, Vasco Graça Moura, Tiago Torres da Silva and others. A few songs in Spanish that are part of her life, her DNA. A fundamental partner in this work, the Neapolitan musician Fabrizio Romano who co-produces the record with Mísia and who is the musical director. Special guests on this record: Melingo, Ricardo Ribeiro, Gaspar Varela (a young Portuguese Guitar player) and Raül Refree.
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