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It seems as yesterday, but it’s been almost 12 years since Buika’s first album was released. Prior to that, she was already dedicated to music and had many rich experiences, a few awards and recognitions, however, it was in the wake of the release of her first album with Warner when truly changed her everything. Since then her career has only grown and grown.

Buika has published 7 albums that have been published in more than 22 countries, Buika has traveled the stages of half world and already is considered a star in countries like France, the USA, Argentina, Mexico, Asia, Australia or Turkey among many others.

She returns with an amazing single “Ni contigo ni sin ti”, a cover version from one of the greatest as well as the most famous flamenco guitarist “Manzanita”, who was characterized by his personal style, full of flamenco nuances.

She has mixed a selective variety of musical styles, all meticulously chosen.

Form it seeps thought a surprisingly rich and eclectic sound of jazz, Latin jazz, afrobeat, soul, reggae and pop.

Spanish and English are the main languages chosen among others, all flavored with a deep flamenco accent that will not leave anyone indifferent.


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