Offstage, Daniel Melingo is an Argentinian musician who studied at the Buenos Aires conservatory and played in a number of rock bands. But on stage, Daniel Melingo becomes Melingo, and is possessed by the spirit and soul of tango, his powerful theatrical presentation suddenly transporting you to the seedy nocturnal streets where tango, more than sung or played, is lived throughout.

Last year he came back with the new album “Anda”. Like an illusionist straight out of a Borges novella, Melingo is back, with his voice, his clarinet and his sense of drama. Listening to ‘Anda’ is like enjoying a Fellini film with your eyes closed, losing yourself in a display of sound designed as a suite of baroque scenes in which each piece pulsates and destabilises us. In it, the original tango is reborn, a little as if Carlos Gardel was at the centre of a form of arty neo-rock fiction, with a gallery of characters featuring Erik Satie and Serge Gainsbourg among the spectres the Argentinian actor and poet conjures forth.


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