The term world music seems to have been created exactly to describe meetings like this. More than a cross between Norway and Portugal, this concert will present a mix of creative ideas that lean on the portuguese and nordic traditions. Masters Seglem and Kyao worked together about 10 years ago. Now it is time for a re-union to follow up the success of merging musical and human “landscapes”, create new journeys, and also to join with younger musicians of both countries. This musical collaboration has already grown for years – and exciting sounds of music is performed and will now be developed.

We can expect an intense degree of communication, between Karl, Rão and Francisco – and also between this hole new band. It is clear that they are seeking for new inspiration and to develope traditions. It is also a musical collaboration between generations making new sounds together. And music is a way to tell stories and describe the world, to meditate and, to travel. The fact that reviews of concerts of both Karl Seglem and Rão Kyao always mention a mystical element allows us to foresee that in this music there will be many magical moments. Karl promises a concert filled with “spaces and surprises, strong melodies, imaginative improvisations and with something he thinks Norway and Portugal also has in common: The melancholy / Saudade”.

The band will play music of Karl Seglem, Rão Kyao and Francisco Sales and add in some traditional stuff from both countries. After premiere and touring they will record music in the beginning og 2022.

Karl Seglem is one of Norway´s foremost and most regarded musicians, composers, poets. He is an accomplished tenor sax player, and for over 20 years he has been playing different goat horns. An instrument from a milenar tradition, a sound from the past. His music has a broad aesthetic spectrum going from the most serious folk tradition to the most engaged rocking freeform sounds. And as Rão, Seglem is a great “traveller”, a sign that he is also looking beyond the special norwegian hardanger fiddle traditions he´s been working with, to expand his music. Seglem is obviously a musician who looks for new experiences and who believes in the universal power of communication that music provides: “you can think about this as a cliché, but it’s also true”.

Rão Kyao is a legend, an icon, and still one of the most respected musicians in Portugal. He brought the wood-flute in to Portugals strong fado- and folk traditions and is one of the foremost flute-players in the world. His idea of Portugal is based on a mediterranean sensibility that allows him to look at the luso-identity as the result of a long process of cultural and historic exchanges. That his music claims the influence of both the plains of Alentejo and the beaches of the orient. And this happens on top of more than 3 decades of intense work with music. All of this is colourfull mirrored on Rão’s many album-releases since his huge success in the early 1980s.

Francisco Sales enjoys adventure – The author of two albums widely acclaimed by connoisseurs: Valediction and Miles Away, the guitarist is currently preparing his third solo record – a project he says is helping him re-discover his artistry. “I feel like I am trying to find myself again, but in a different way… What we create comes out of our experiences, and that’s what attracts me in art.” Jazz is his language – one he found in the jam sessions he discovered at Porto’s ESMAE, and then took further at the Lisbon College of Music, where he graduated. And then he decided to put into practice what he read in all books and learnt from his teachers, off he went to London. Francisco has played with an elite of sophisticated musicians who have manifested their creativity in the jazz, soul, electronica and funk areas. “I returned to Portugal in 2017 and have been living here since,” says Francisco. “It’s the country where inspiration comes more naturally, where I like to enjoy life, where I’ve always been the safest and the happiest. I still play with Incognito all over the world but live in Portugal. Francisco Sales’s guitar is an instrument that takes him wherever his imagination leads.


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Ficha Técnica

KARL SEGLEM, t.sax, goat horns, voice (N)
RAO KYAO, flutes, voice (PT)
ERLEND VIKEN, hardanger fiddle (N)
RUCA REBORDAO, percussion (PT)

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