The Soaked Lamb

The Soaked Lamb is a band of roots music with a strong influence of pre-war blues and jazz.

It’s composed by six elements: Mariana Lima is the leading vocal; Miguel Lima plays drums and per­cussions; Gito plays the upright bass; Tiago Albuquerque plays the clarinet, guitar, sax and concertina; Vasco Condessa plays the piano and organ; Monso Cruz plays guitar, blues harp, banjo, and also sings.

The first cd was recorded on Sundays, calmly during a whole year. Along the sessions, a typical Por­tuguese recipe of soaked lamb was served, hence the name of the band. Because of that, all the songs were recorded with a particular breath scent of cumin, wine and mint, that can actually be “sensed” while listening carefully to the songs…


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The Soaked Lamb – A Coffin for Two

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“…Una actuación deliciosa que mantuvo la expectación a pesar del masivo reclamo que había causado su precedente…”
in Abrete de Orejas – Gema Guerra Benito

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All year (under request)

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