CELINA DA PIEDADE first solo album “Em Casa” “One of the best Portuguese CDs of the year!”- A. Pires in Blitz, Nov12

After several participations in records of artists such as Rodrigo Leão, Mayra Andrade, Ludovico Einaudi, Kepa Junkera or Uxia, Celina da Piedade  has released her first solo album “Em Casa” with great reviews.

Celina has a great Portuguese traditional music concert!

“Not realising this was a double album I put the second CD on first , and it’s an impressive opening – deep hand-drumming and bell-chimes leading into and forming the sole accompaniment to Celina da Piedade’s calm, (on this track) fado-like, vocal. This isn’t in any way a fado album though; she’s noted button-accordeonist from southern Portugal deeply involved in the folk songs and dance music of Alentejo, and her material ranges widely, vocally and intrumentally, through her own and tradicional material… Another elegant fado-style vocal accompanied by harp and rich dark cello, then over piano, limpid accordeon and unexpected, nicely-judged musical saw it’s the winning traditional slow-mazurca song “A Lira”, with intro by Kelly Thoma’s Cretan lyra… particularly the string-quartet accompanied “Toada”, which combines a 19th Century song from Setúbal with instrumental sections using the 16th Century English melody Bonny Sweet Robin.” – Andrew Cronshaw in fRoots Nov 2012

 Check the video: