Danças Ocultas on Tour in Belgium and Portugal

Danças Ocultas tour in Belgium – check here the dates and the concert halls

14 November -Kortrijk, CC Kortrijk

15 November – Turnhout, De Warande

16 November – Leopoldsburg, CC Leopoldsbourg vzw

17 November – Dendermonde, CC Belgica

21 November – Strombeek-Bever, CC Strombeek

22 November – Beveren, CC Ter Vesten

23 November – Heist-op-den-Berg, CC Zwaneberg

24 November – Roeselare, CC De Spil

25 November – Borgerhout, Antwerp, De Roma

During this month Danças Ocultas will be touring in Belgium, 9 concerts on some of the best concert halls. Right after, on November 29th they will return to Portugal for a national tour, featuring one of the most exciting performances to be seen this year: on the same stage, Portuguese Danças Ocultas and Brazilian Dom La Nena will join together compositions and instruments to create a profoundly original fusion.

Danças Ocultas’s Artur Fernandes, Filipe Cal, Filipe Ricardo and Miguel Francisco, use the diatonic accordion, known in Portugal as “concertina”, to give breath to their amazing and inspired compositions distinguished by a unique self musical grammar.

Dom La Nena is a very young but highly regarded Brazilian, Paris based, cellist and singer whose talent has led her to be requested for touring with notable names such as Jane Birkin or Piers Faccini, with whom she co-produced her brand new album. Her compositions range from classical music to Brazilian popular music and beyond, Dom is the ideal musical partner for the gifted Danças Ocultas.

Together on stage, Danças Ocultas e Dom will interpret new arrangements for their own music, giving to it a new approach and dimension. Voice, cello and concertinas – different breaths with similar passion for music on a unique and unforgettable performance.