24 Mila Baci may seem like a lot, but the intensity of the encounter between The Legendary Tigerman, one of the most respected national artists, with Maria de Medeiros, actress and singer who is a true icon, really needs to be measured like that, with many thousands of kisses.

The first encounter of this true tiger man with Maria de Medeiros took place a decade ago, in the much celebrated Femina, an album that placed the guitarist on the most attentive alternative radars in the world. At the time Nancy Sinatra’s classic, “These Boots Were Made For Walking”, was the motto, the special formula that resulted from the obvious chemistry between them: a high-voltage guitar and a true torch singer in sensual boiling.

Now it is in a series of songs that clung to the history of cinema, an art that says so much to both artists, that the guitarist-singer who is also an actor and director and the actress-singer who also directs find the new motto to act together the songs by argument for a sweeping story. Like the great films that we never tire of reviewing and that we know all the lines by heart. And the music is varied and chosen with the most refined attention. From Nino Rota to where the imagination carries them …

This concert was applauded by audiences from four cities, during the Misty Fest: Lisbon, Santarém, Ílhavo and Leiria. Now it is ready to debut in other rooms.


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