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amélias – the project

Amélia Muge is a recognised singer and a very eclectic creator, revisiting the roots of traditional music, the challenges of multicultural fusion and the most contemporary languages.
The visual component has also always functioned in her work as a fundamental element of transdisciplinary inspiration.
A pioneer in Portugal of individual voice singing and the creation of vocal environments, amélia muge has been developing timbre potentials, which, in an interaction with samples made from her voice, allows her to have that singing simultaneously plural and individual. This is a component that she has been using regularly in most of her works.
The CD amélias emerges in the continuity of this singing with her own voices, inspired above all by the richness of female group singing, much of it a cappella, bringing sound memories of this traditional vocal expression, in a more contemporary reading, without however removing its common root, also revisiting other and new approaches.

Tour Details

Amelia Muge – Tour amélias – 4 musicians on stage


In concert, the voices of Amélia will be joined by three other female instrumentalists (cello, keyboards and percussions) who will accentuate and echo the interplay of voices on the CD, recreating songs, adding others, in a tribute of unexpected contours to female singing.

The meeting between these four women singers and instrumentalists is a rare opportunity for artistic communication, multiplying the common and the diverse in this meeting of generations and musical styles. The projected images also recreate imaginary visions of the amelian voices.

An original concert proposal within the scope of vocal singing and the creation of new artistic ideas in the use of traditions and contemporary languages.

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