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Immersive Tour 2022 – The Project

“The New Life”, an atmospheric and emotional solo piano piece released in 2022 on streaming platforms, is fast approaching 7 million plays on Spotify, an amazing mark that was guaranteed by Lemos, Portuguese pianist and producer who for years was part of projects in the areas of pop-rock and also signed works for film and television, but who after the pandemic felt a very special musical calling, and focused on the composition of piano pieces. Lemos explains that his music expresses a very particular kind of vibration that is established between the Cosmos and the Earth, and that he is a kind of conductor between these two dimensions. Sense of Peace, his debut album, topped the iTunes Portugal charts and helped him gain over 400 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify, a remarkable mark that speaks volumes for the reach of his music and positions him as the Portuguese neoclassical pianist with the most listeners on that platform.

On November 25, 2022, Lemos released his second album, Immersive, in which he continues his exploration of the piano in a neo-classical context that he well dominates, having studied the instrument formally since the age of 11. His music, deeply emotional, also lives from a very specific creative intention of a clear conceptual nature: in 2022, Lemos developed “The Felt Library” project, a selection of neoclassical music of his own composition, and built the first virtual Felt Piano instrument, totally free for composers and already with more than 1,000 downloads on Pianobook. The new work will include 12 pieces created on his vertical Felt Piano. A new world of immersive music that will be manifested in a carefully thought out concert.


Tour Details

Lemos – Immersive Tour – 1 musician on stage
Lemos presents his second album live, in a carefully prepared line-up, going through his successful works in the streams: from “Peaceful compositions” to the modern classical in which he mixes compositions from his project “The Felt Library”.
The concert prints the energetic emotions he receives in his daily life,
expressing them through the piano solo.


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