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“[LINA_] possesses a voice of fiercely intimate power and texture, capable within one brief musical phrase of tempting a bird to the windowsill and blowing the opera doors clean off (…) Intimate, heartfelt, and solemnly inviting”, Pitchfork


In this traditional Fado concert, premiered last summer as part of the Exhibition about Amália Rodrigues ” Meu Sorriso Minha Entrega” at Lisbon Museum and internationally at the Córdoba Literary Festival, Lina performs integrally the seminal and revolutionary album by Amália Rodrigues forever known as Busto.

Line up: LINA_ and a guitar duo or trio.

In this repertoire are included some iconic songs such has “Estranha Forma de Vida”, “Asas Fechadas”, “Maria Lisboa” or “Povo que Lavas no Rio”

Lina, with a voice matured by the nights performing at the fado houses, the multiple concerts around the world, by her own devotion to Amália and by all the great voices she heard, felt and studied, is a truly special artist: she sounds as if she was born in the middle of history, listening to the divas echoing in the alleys of her imagination. She sounds authentic and moving.

LINA_ is one of the most secure and interesting values of today’s Fado. Born in Trás-os-Montes, she studied and did theatre, sang opera and, one day, let fado pull her in. A resident singer at Lisbon mythical Clube do Fado, in Alfama, she has released albums Carolina (2014) and enCantado (2017), on Sony Music. In 2020, she released the album Lina_Raül Refree,on prestigious German Label , Glitterbeat, a collaboration between the fadista and the Catalan musician and producer Raül Refree,one of the most respected European producers today, producer of names such as Silvia Perez Cruz or Rosalía, among many others.
The multi-award project offered a reinterpretation of fado and Amalia’s repertoire based on voice, piano and synthesizers has received multiple European awards:

  • Best album of 2020, through the World Music Charts Europe, where it was 4 consecutive months at #1
  • the Carlos do Carmo Award
  • the COUP DE COEUR 2021 award from the Charles Cros Academy,
  • the German Critics Award
  • nominated for the Victoires du Jazz
  • finalist of the European award Music Moves Europe – New Talent 2021,

Having received the highest praise from media such as BBC, Les Inrocks, The Guardian and Pitchfork, Times, El Mundo ,El País, the project has toured more than 60 dates performing in some of the most prestigious venues and festivals in Europe.



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Travel party: 6 pax

Lina + guitar duo or trio



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