Lina_Raül Refree: Lina_ Raül Refree

Lina, with a voice matured by the nights in Fado venues, her own devotion to Amália and all the great voices she has heard, felt, and studied, is a truly special artist. She sounds as if she part of the history, listening to the divas’ voices echoing in the side streets of her imagination. She is true, she is profoundly moving.

Raul Refree is an artist of a kind and one of the most innovative european producers of the last decade. Always interested on popular music, he has given a new perspective to Flamenco, producing and playing with artist like Rocío Márquez, Niño de Elche or Kiko Veneno and he’s done astonishing duo albums with Rosálía and Sílvia Pérez Cruz.

Fado is an immaterial heritage of humanity, a culture that helps identify a country people talk about, a culture that has brought many artists to Lisbon. Artists who search for an immaculate territory in Fado, a moment of authenticity in a musical universe often dazzled by artifice.
That is exactly what brought Raul Refree to Lisbon: that search for what is new and timeless, for what makes you shudder, for what the world needs to listen to, even if sometimes you need to break the rules. Because that is how you end up making history.

In songs such as “Barco Negro” or “Foi Deus”, “Ave Maria Fadista”, “Medo” or “Gaivota”, each of them a monument in the history of Fado, Lina becomes a complete, truthful, talented artist whose voice haunts us all. Her performances are, above all, human, moving, ripping the words out of the heart rather than shaping them with the technique she knows. And her delivery shines a new light on Fado through the arrangements prepared by Raul Refree. Without any tricks or any filters, but with artistry, with a never-before-tried approach, giving Fado a unique electronic approach underlining its universal condition.

The duo did their debut live this summer at La Mar de Músicas Festival and Sinsal with the applause of both audience and media. A concert staged by Antonio Pires with an amazing light design to underline all the drama within. After several concerts in Europe, the duo finally premiered in Portugal last November in four cities at Misty Fest.


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