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Miles Away – the project

The virtuoso Portuguese guitarist, who is part of the famous international band Incógnito, presents “Miles Away”, his latest album inspired by his travels in which the musician mixes jazz and ambient music in well-balanced doses.

“I returned to Portugal in 2017, where I’ve been living ever since. It is the country where I feel most inspired to compose, where I like to enjoy life and where I feel safer and happier.Nowadays I still play with Incognito all over the world, but I’m living in Portugal,” Francisco tells us, showing himself centred and focused on designing his own future now.  “When I come home from all these concerts, I’ve always been working hard on my solo career and trying to grow with it. That work involves developing his artistic vision and deepening his relationship with an instrument that can sound surprising in the right hands. This surprise has been a constant when Francisco Sales performs solo, showing his particular, adventurous and highly hypnotic way of playing the guitar. This originality has already earned him invitations to open concerts for people like Rodrigo Leão, Avishai Cohen or Diana Krall.

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The virtuoso guitarist and composer takes us, in his unique playing style, on a journey through his music located somewhere between Pat Metheny’s jazz and the cinematic sound of Ry Cooder or Gustavo Santaolala. An invitation to a scenario of peace and positive emotions, a moment to let yourself be transported by each sound and effect created.


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