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Manhã Florida – The Project

Nancy Vieira is one of the most renowned artists currently exploring the immense musical heritage of Cape Verde which, in the specific case of morna, was recently distinguished by UNESCO as Intangible Heritage of Humanity. And on stage, Nancy is one of the great defenders of this heritage and she is used to presenting it all over the world: “I have known morna since I was 6 or 7 years old”, she tells us. “I’ve always sung the classics. And so, on the eve of a concert, I can remember an old theme that then in the show I challenge my musicians to interpret with me.”

On stage, Nancy likes to be backed up by her usual musicians, but she also likes to have guests, sometimes even unexpected surprises: “I like to have with me not only voices that I really like and have worked with over the years, but also some musicians that I admire. I always like to have surprises at concerts”, admits the Cape Verdean artist. Her music, which speaks of voyages and of the sea, of longing and distance, lives on different balances, something that always gives a special dynamic to her concerts, to which she always brings mornas and funanás, coladeiras and more music that spreads across the ocean and the world. The artist, who lives in Portugal, made her debut in 1995, but first came to the fore in 1999, when she appeared on a compilation entitled Música de Intervenção Cabo-Verdiana (Cape Verdean Intervention Music), singing alongside the legendary Ildo Lobo. She then released the albums Segred (Praça Nova, 2004), Lus (Harmonia Mundi/World Village, 2007), Pássaro Cego (Arthouse, 2009), with Manuel Paulo, or Nô Amá (Lusafrica, 2012). And it was already in 2018 that she presented the much applauded Manhã Florida (once again with Lusafrica label). Currently, Nancy is preparing a new work, adding new songs to a repertoire of excellence.

Tour Details

Nancy Vieira – Tour: Manhã Florida – 5 musicians on stage


Manhã Florida is a show in which Nancy Vieira presents her most recent work in a tribute to Morna, Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The repertoire includes some of the singer’s most successful songs, as well as other classics of Cape Verdean music.

On stage, Nancy is backed by a band of great musicians: Vaiss Dias (guitar and cavaquinho), Olmo Marín (guitar and cavaquinho), Zé Paris (acoustic bass) and Ruca Rebordão (percussion).

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