Rodrigo Leão: O MÉTODO

O Método – press release

Rodrigo Leão says this tour “has my classical and electronic influences more present and explores them deeper. Also, for the first time in my tours, I play the piano a lot more instead of the synthesizer.”

On stage, Rodrigo (piano and synthesizer) will be accompanied by a small ensemble of long-term collaborators: Ângela Silva (vocals, synthesizer and metallophone), Viviena Tupikova (violin and vocals), Carlos Tony Gomes (cello) and João Eleutério (guitar, bass, synthesizer, percussion and Indian harmonium).

“Also for the first time in my concerts, Ângela Silva will use her voice in less conventional ways, like just another instrument” as Rodrigo explains. This is because several of the songs in O Método do not have traditional lyrics as such but feature vocal illustrations in an invented, made-up language.

In every city of the tour, Rodrigo is inviting a local youth chorus on stage to perform the choral parts that, on the record, were sung by the Associação Musical dos Amigos das Crianças Choir.
The strongly visual production will have video work from Gonçalo Santos, illustrations by Rodrigo Leão, and lighting by Miguel Ramos and Nuno Salsinha.

The quieter, simpler arrangements of O Método will also mean a new look for the older material that will be performed live. The set lists will feature material from Rodrigo’s 25-year career but carefully chosen and re-arranged to fit the production’s new approach. As Rodrigo says, “The concert will feel very cohesive, very unified, even though we’ll be performing material from the last 25 years. This will be much helped by the new arrangements we’ve been writing over the year with my co-producers Federico Albanese, João Eleutério and Pedro Oliveira”.



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