SALOMÃO SOARES: Espirais Tour (trio)

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SALOMÃO SOARES – espirais tour – the project

The composer’s huge mix of Brazilianness, lots of improvisation and total interaction among the musicians. This is Espirais, album by Salomão Soares Trio, which will be on digital platforms in March. In this work, the pianist is together with Paulinho Vicente and his modern and jazzy drums, and Felipe Brisola, with his creative and firm bass.

The compositions, all by Salomão Soares, are new, some in homage to artists or places that inspire the pianist’s work.  Luzes do Carmo is dedicated to Egberto Gismonti, one of his greatest influences. Dalí pays homage to the Spanish artist Salvador Dalí, whose surrealist paintings enchanted the musician. Espirais, which gives the album its name, is inspired by the painting The Starry Night by Dutch painter Van Gogh. Teleférico was born during a trip in La Paz, Bolivia. Meditação, Flutuar, Sonhos de Criança, Irôko, Vôo pra Minas, and Tem Café no Bule complete the repertoire.

The pianist, arranger, and composer Salomão Soares has been standing out as one of the great revelations of the new generation of Brazilian instrumentalists

He won the 2017 Mimo Instrumental Award, was a finalist in the Piano Competition at the Montreux Festival also in 2017, and received the New Talents award at the 2018 Savassi Festival in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

He has performed in several festivals or tours around the world, such as recently in Spain, alongside singer and composer Vanessa Moreno and throughout Brazil, such as at SESC Jazz, one of the most renowned jazz festivals in Latin America, also as a special guest of Hermeto Pascoal.


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The most constant jazz formation – piano, bass, and drums – is for Salomão an environment that allows for many paths. “It is when I most enjoy improvising, and in this project, which is only original songs, I tried to take as few pre-established arrangements as possible, so that the musicians could play and create freely, bringing each one’s identity to the songs,” says the pianist. And he concludes, “when I am developing a project in which I will have other musicians, I create and write thinking about each one of them, how they would play, and this inspires me even more.”

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