Happy Holidays

UGURU would like to take a moment at the end of this very long year, to direct a few words to our artists, partners, clients, cooperators, and friends: the road ahead leads on to a new year, that like all new years, its laden with hope. To this hope, we’d like to add our absolute commitment. Culture is a necessity we cannot do without, a belief that has inspired our work for the last 18 years, producing spectacles with some of the most relevant names in music on the national and international scene, managing artists careers, projecting excellence beyond frontiers. Always in tireless and resolute style, because that’s how one goes about the business of making culture. We trust we will continue to do the same in 2021, with all of your help. Because we know you believe, like we do, that we all need culture, great culture, because we need a future.

With that in mind, we’d like to extend to our artists, teams, families, all our programmers, agents, managers, media outlets, all of the venues, and to all our many friends, a sincere wish for a good holiday season, and safe and prosperous 2021!

Thank you!

Carmo Cruz