RODRIGO LEÃO | Who Can Resist | New single out now!

Rodrigo Leão’s new single “Who Can Resist”, featuring vocals and lyrics from the Lambchop frontman Kurt Wagner, is released on July 23rd. After “Friend of a Friend”, it’s the second single from his new album A Estranha Beleza da Vida, scheduled for release in October through BMG and already available on presales.“Who Can Resist” is a good example of the careful voice casting Rodrigo seeks for many of his albums: the selection of singers who fit the “characters” created for the story each song or each album creates. For this new single, Rodrigo was looking for a voice he could identify himself with, like an “alter ego”. “Kurt Wagner’s deep voice jumped out at me instantly. He kindly accepted our invitation to write the lyrics and sing, it was a real privilege.”

“Who Can Resist” appeared first in the Summer of 2020, during Rodrigo’s lockdown with his family, “while waiting for our family dinners”. “When it wasn’t my turn to cook, I’d sit at the piano for a while and felt very happy that we could all be there together and not feel the time slipping away from us.” It’s a happy, free song, just like the album it is a part of: “A Estranha Beleza da Vida”, a record Rodrigo describes as being “about the freedom of being able to create without borders, without limits.”

As with the previous single “Friend of a Friend” and with the forthcoming album, the artwork is by renowned writer and illustrator Afonso Cruz and it can be found on all leading digital streaming platforms (Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer) from July 23rd.