Sir Scratch’s live presentation of the new album “Em Nosso Nome”

In January, Sir Scratch is back on stage, a habitat as natural for him as the studio where he gave birth to the album that will surely leave a mark on the hip hop scene in 2013.

Music Box (January 11) in Lisbon and Hard Club (January 25) in Porto, are the venues where he’s going to feature his art along with some surprises. And not only because of the special guests.

Sir Scratch’s new album is the result of a careful and matured work produced with the collaboration of a wide range of artists such as Sam The Kid, Tim – the voice of Xutos e Pontapés – Luanda Cozetti from Couple Coffee, and New Max from Expensive Soul.

“Por Medo”, the first single of his album “Em Nosso Nome”, has the participation of Tim and is one of the sharpest portraits of Portugal’s present situation. One track out of 17 extremely varied and yet strongly coherent album. Sir Scratch is starting his live performances right before the end of the year, already under the seal of Uguru.