Who We Are

Uguru is now-a-days, a solid brand with a good reputation within the music industry.

Founded in 2002, and owned by António Cunha, Carmo Cruz, and Ana Villas-Boas, UGURU, is mostly active in Portugal, and the international market, benefiting of a vast network, and and a vast experience from a team tried and proven in the production and service of national and international musical acts, as much as event organizers.

For national artists:

  • tour promoter in Portugal
  • concert promoter in Portugal
  • booking agent in Portugal
  • administration, management and production for tours in Portugal
  • International booking agent for concerts abroad.
  • administration, management and coordination for international tours.
  • career consulting and management.

For international artists:

  • tour promoter in Portugal
  • tour promoter in Portugal and Spain
  • concert local promoter

 For event organizers:

  • artist booking
  • artist event programming
  • executive production
  • administration, management and production coordination
  • marketing and communication.

UGURU works with artists from all over the globe, mostly focused on the spectrum including styles such as Neo Classical, Contemporary Classical, Contemporary Jazz, Ambience Music, Electronica, Acoustic Indie, and World Music, not to mention the various artists to whom it’s virtually impossible to catalogue, but pioneers in the search of new soundscapes made from fusing diverging musical styles. Our services are rendered to Portuguese artists like Rodrigo Leão, Misia, Amélia Muge, Lina, Lina_Raúl Refree,  Francisco Sales, Danças Ocultas, Gaiteiros de Lisboa, Nancy Vieira, Lemos, along with international musicians like Wim Mertens, Ludovico Einaudi, Nitin Sawhney, Avishai Cohen, Anna Setton or Ólafur Arnalds, amongst many others.

Closely linked to the first introduction of artists or projects in Portugal, is the

production of the very well received MISTY FEST, an Autumn event presenting several headline  shows in different venues, staging established and well known acts in various styles and genres, side by side with new and more innovative, creative, and alternative artists.

Aimed at an audience with greater cultural appetites, demanding, and informed, UGURU produces concerts and tours for the most important music  concert halls, be it in Portugal or otherwise, while always maintaining a recognizable level of success, a fact that has allowed us to stand as a reference of quality to any audience.

.UGURU: A brand  in music.